Traffic Tickets

– Traffic Tickets

A traffic ticket is a legal notice, or a warning document issued by a legal official to a motorist or a road user for violating traffic rules. There are two forms of traffic tickets. One is for moving vehicles and the other one is for non moving vehicles, one with moving vehicles includes moving violation such exceeding the speed limits, and nonmoving vehicle includes non-moving violation like parking violation, with the ticket it is also called as parking citation or parking ticket.

In jurisdiction of traffic tickets, it’s a legal notice stating penalties and fine, for violating rules, against the driver. Traffic ticket is a kind of summons issued to a driver to appear in a traffic court. Failure to pay any penalty will lead to civil recovery proceedings.

In the U.S., most traffic laws vary in every state. The classification of charge in every state depends on the violation and jurisdiction.

There are some ingredients that constitute traffic violations, some minor violations like non moving vehicle violation, defective or improper vehicle equipment, seat belt and child restraint safety violation. For more serious violation the offender must be held criminally liable, accused of misdemeanor or felony. Serious violation consists of major injuries, offence of death, and willful disregard of public safety or damage to the property. A monetary fine is fixed for such offenders and fines vary from case to case.

 If the driver wants to take part in traffic infraction, then a hearing can be set up by the court upon the request. Hearings are before the magistrate or judge depending on the state or city. The motorist also has a right to reschedule the hearing.

Each state’s department of motor vehicle or bureau of motor vehicle maintains the data of all the motorists or drivers as records of all the violations, including their convicted traffic violation. When any driver gets a ticket of traffic violation, he has a right to either mail it to the local court or go to the court for jurisdiction, in which violation is alleged.

Moreover, the driver can ask for meditative hearing, which acknowledges that the driver is guilty of moving violation.

 If the driver confronts that he is guilty then the result is equal to conviction after hearing, and the motorist would be charged with monetary fines or penalties.

The process of ticket fixing by police officials is a recurring controversy in the United State of America. Sometimes police custodial shows mercy to their friends and families. As a result they cancel their tickets and let them go without any judicial trial.

This practice of cancelling tickets are not legal and such illegal activities are part of the controversy and scandals in the U.S.

So, traffic tickets consist of all the sanction for a person, who disregards traffic rules. Traffic tickets are basically a step towards building fear of law, so that violators of road rules would be more aware and take care of the public welfare.

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