– Adoption

Adoption is the act of legally and permanently assuming custody of a minor who is not your biological child. The different types of adoption include: Non-relative adoption: the child is adopted by a non-blood-related person, or Step-parent/ relative adoption: the child is adopted by family members who are not his/her own parents.  Through adoption, a relationship is legalized between the adoptee and Petitioner that would have existed if the adoptee was a blood descendant of the Petitioner, born within wedlock, entitled to all rights and privileges thereof, and subject to all obligations of a child being born to Petitioner.  The minor child shall be the child and legal heir at law of Petitioner and shall be entitled to all rights and privileges, and subject to all obligations, of child born of Petitioner. 

  • Necessity of consent

Adoption proceedings demand the biological parents be aware of and voluntarily consent to the adoption. An adoption will not proceed unless the court is absolutely sure that absent waiver, voluntary and informed consents have been taken from biological parents.

  • Best interests of the child

The confirmation of whether prospective adopters are suitable, depends on the rule that adoption must be in the best interests of the child, rather than the interests of the birth parents, adoptive parents or anyone else.

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